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First find the perfect pair. Step out in style! Furthermore Footwear refers to garments worn on the feet,

Footwear and shoes protect feet from the environment such as rough ground, ground. They also give stability on slippery ground and temperature.

Shoes and similar garments ease locomotion and prevent injuries.

Knitted items of clothing called hosiery are designed to be worn on the feet and legs, inside shoes or coupled with boots.

Hosiery a word derived from the Old English hosa, which means a covering for the leg. hosiery refers to stockings, socks, panty hose, and tights.

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How are women’s shoes different from men’s? A females fit will be slimmer over all and contoured for a wider forefoot, then narrow in or around the heel. A man’s fit is wider over all and generally remains a very similar width from heel to toe.